It's that time of the year again to take a moment and share my thoughts on how the year passed. The days go slow but the years go fast, hey? It's always a blur looking back on the last twelve months. If I had to summarise the year in one word, it would be emotional.

I started seeing a psychologist this year, just to figure out some deeper issues but we untangled many more! I really wish I saw a psychologist years earlier. After seeing a therapist, I feel confident enough to say that I know myself so much better. I'm more self-aware of why I am a certain way and I'm learning to accept it as it is.. of course, I'm still learning though!

My health has stabilised, I am on peritoneal dialysis everyday. My energy levels have improved and I don't need a nanny nap everyday anymore. It's been overwhelming, my life has changed but I've adapted to it and it's working for me, for now. I'm still not activated on the waiting list as I have one more genetic test to be completed. Zero hospital admittance this year. Let's aim for zero in 2018 too (unless I go for a transplant).

I continued the hiatus from photography but snuck in a shoot here and there. In the last couple of weeks, I started dreaming of conducting photoshoots in my sleep and it made me realise how much I loved and missed creating photos. To be honest, I'm not a very technical person, I'm not always confident, I hesitate to promote my own work and I don't actually know how to grow a successful business but this fire and passion I have for photography just never burns out. I just want to create to my heart's content. I want to capture the love and light that is so radiant in our lives but sometimes goes unnoticed for its beauty. When my subjects take joy in my photographs, it gives me joy! I'm a dreamer.

Earlier this year, I wrote up 6 goals for 2017 here. I took basic hip hop and locking classes by myself. I did practice guitar regularly (not weekly) and I have improved. I didn't make it to 20 books (I'm up to 11).. Nor did I write more on the blog. I did create more videos (for the sake of memory keeping) and I can say with confidence that I've built up and strengthened a few friendships.

This year I wanted to cull down the list (although in actual fact it always grows longer and longer)

  • Blog, document and write more - The aim is at least 12 posts in 2018 (I've also asked a few friends to read my blog to keep me accountable since I never keep my word on this one..)
  • Study Japanese - learn the language so I can watch anime without subtitles.. hehe
  • Explore new career path options and decide on a direction

Thank you so much for being a part of my year. 2017 has had it's challenges and you've all played a part in helping me through it. Thank you! And thank you for reaching the end of this post! :)

The Hayashi's

The Hayashi's

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